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September 07, 2005


Home Inspection Tampa

Indeed water damage is not included in homeowner’s policies. This sometimes can become a serious coverage issue.

philip jewell

another beaming example of powerful corporations squeezing the little guy and choosing to litigate rather than meet their financial responsibilities; the good 'new' capitalistic way. it's a very calculated path; how many individuals have the financial resources, time or emotional reserves to climb that legal mountain.
it's becoming a tired story; we get it from the oil companies, credit card companies, health insurers, our neighborhood banks; seems to be the norm rather than the exception among corporate America today. it's not enough to earn a fair rate, the idea is to crawl into every American pocket and take more by deceptive practice; then place the
burden on the individual to prove corporate actions unlawful. in so many instances the judicial process is grossly influenced by the depth of pockets. these 'trusting and honorable' corporate business tactics are perpetuated by our legislators and lawmakers, who, obviously represent the best interests of their constituents. leaves the little guy with few options.

when the little guy is continually taken advantage of, with nowhere to turn, he will either fade away or fight back. the assertive individual will do his homework, researching the public record on select unscrupulous corporations, meticulously taking names and addresses and visiting these corporate decision makers in their workplace and on the darkened streets of their home-towns where there is no hiding behind the corporate banner.

when we loose our way concerning 'right and wrong' in society, maybe there's much to be said for creative 'schoolyard justice' concerning personal accountability for poor human behavior.

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