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March 13, 2008



This is amazing, it just shows that every conversation has to be documented. I have always been afraid of people claiming something other than what was really discussed ( when it comes to face values ) during a first meeting, this is why I try to keep a ledger of changes and discussions of every client along with their file.


Wm E Morrell Inc

Agents need to document when a client turns down coverage although it was recommended for them to consider. Most agents are providing themselves with E & O coverage for protection for these situations.

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Insurance broke

I think it woud be a good thing if the agent can have a more pivotal role in claims. Generally if a person has to deal with a claimant you will get a fairer payout.


i am gonna show this to my friend, man

Garfield and Bland

Yeah, i have come across the report previously and it is very interesting.

I think this goes for for UK law too.

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