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June 29, 2009



Monitoring employees track records is really a good practice for any business, it not only helps employers evaluate employees but it also helps employees improve their work attitude.


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Chris Christian

May I make a side bar comment that *storage* of personnel records, especially those of former employees, or applicants never hired, can create a quagmire of exposure with regard to privacy liability claims.

Most employers keep active employees' records under lock and key. But former employees' records are frequently boxed and in the basement, as are non-hired persons' applications and resumes. All of which contain continuing sensitive data, and which are easily available to prying eyes in unsecure areas. Just food for thought....

Some EPL markets are now extending coverage to privacy liability claims, sometimes only when identity theft occurs, other times when there's a *network* security breach. Still nothing one can depend upon for coverage, and ways to mitigate risk are probably worth considering.


Mike Elman

I can vouch for Troutman Sanders. Having lived in 3 states I can also say that disclosure laws vary. Be very careful with that. Let me know if I can be of help.

Marco Bettarini

I found this guide handy:

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