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December 07, 2009


Arizona Life Insurance

Nice blog. These are helpful reminders. Thanks a lot.

Lemore Aizenman

I have one insurance agency and now, 11 years later I as starting another one. I forgot all the details that have to be taken care of. And sales projections are one of the most difficult areas in the business plan. As you say, nobody really knows if the sales will happen. All you can do is give it your best and hope you make it.

Insurance South Africa

Hi thanks for the post. How bad is it for your insurance policy to have claims on it. doesn't it mean that you have to pay more if you are seen as someone that is high risk??


Thanks for posting this article. I found it pretty helpful, especially the part about # of founders. I'm starting a business and am kind of dismayed at a lot of the logistical things I didn't really plan for, including insurance. I've seriously read so many article on this subject that I'm starting to turn up some really crazy stuff, like Kebab Shop Insurance (lol!):


We ourselves are an Insurance start up in Ireland, www.chill.ie. We believed there was a niche in this market for basically making insurance easy, we want to be your one stop shop for example. Would appreciate some feedback on our site if you get a minute. Thanks


Strategy with a core team is a great advice. You can focus in a not-so-many founder in this case.
Jean@Insurance Agent Forum


Adding one more thing,to be eligible for moonlighting, the resident must Submit a request to moonlight to his Program Director.

Marc Lanzkowsky

I was referring to Insurance start-ups -

Marc Lanzkowsky

Don't forget claims. Too often the view is to not worry about claims until they occur. That may be true, however, claims issues arise from the start. Systems must be developed with claims in mind and policies need to be drafted with consideration as to how will the claims be serviced. By adding a claims process early companies can avoid costly and expensive mistakes later.

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