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October 22, 2012


Cameron Insurance

Hoping the ACA exchanges do not hurt agents working across the country. Time will tell how good or bad this affects those already in the industry and what changes will need to be made to adapt to the coming changes.


Thanks for sharing.I got a lot of ideas from your post.

Cameron Insurance

How do you think Obamacare will effect insurance agents across the country? With states being required to have federal exchanges, this could effect our industry in a negative way in agents losing customers to these exchanges, or it could open up a broader market for agents if the exchanges can't offer the same quality service.


Thank you so much for posting this information about insurance agencies. I didn't know they were growing so much! Where can I find more information on this? I'd like to do some research. Is the insurance agencies in calgary growing? Thank you for your help!

Memphis Auto Insurance Agent

Great news indeed! This goes to show that independent insurance agency system is once again starting to gain the public trust after declining and being involve to some controversies in the past. All we need to do is prove the public, one of our biggest stake holders that trusting our companies is all they need to do in time of financial unpreparedness and disasters this new is a great boost in our industry.

insurance company

Social media have been helpful in business for most people. The growth of these lending companies is given credit not only on their modern and acceptable approach, but also on the aid of the cyber world.


I am an independent agent and my agency has seen a nice growth pattern this year. Nice to know independent agencies are on the rise.

JCG New Media

Great Article!

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